Aberfeldy Fruit Products - Fruit Pate For Cheese Board (National)

We provide Fruit Pate made from Christchurch's fresh fruit, to place out on your cheese platter. They add another depth of flavour & colour to your favourite cheese and crackers.

Fruit Pate's available include:
Quince, Apple & Rosemary,  Blackboy Peach,  Blueberry & Pear,  Cranberry & Orange,  Pear & Ginger,  Rhubarb & Fig, Kiwi fruit. in 60gm & 120gm. Also Quince Jelly 125gm & 230gm. Quince with fresh orange Chutney. 120 & 230gm.

Figs simmered with Lemon delicious with cheese,chicken or pork.150 & 245gm  Smokey tomato chutney & Ginger Tomato Chutney in 230gm. I also provide 50 & 100 gm catering packs in the fruit pate's and the Figs.

Margaret Keats
Phone: 03 348 6943
Email: margron@slingshot.co.nz