Ask Consulting - Insurance (National)

We ensure our clients are protected with the right insurance when the unexpected happens.  Being a Broker means we can go to the market and get the best policies and premium for each client, with the Insurer that best suits their needs.  Insurance is a personal matter and each client is treated on an individual basis, no two clients are the same - and because of this their needs can be very different.

We ensure we maintain regular contact with our clients, we do not just place the insurance and walk away.  We get to know our clients and are there to look after them at all times, particularly in the event of a claim.  We deal with the insurance company throughout the application process and also at claim time - we make the process as easy as possible so our clients can rest easy knowing they are well looked after.

Nick O'Neill-Hay
Phone: 03 9439667
Mobile: 027 440 2504