Creative Industries - Signage, Advertising/Marketing, Interior Design/Fitout (International)

Now open to the wider public!

Creative Industries – is a collaboration of Troy Gutry from Aridium Designs & Crag McKinnon from The Sign Brand It. Resulting in over 36 yrs of national & international experience, we help designers with the process to manufacture in physical form their designs, in the most efficient, beautiful, eco & profitable ways. Graphic & Architectural designers turned Graphic Fabricator Craftsmen, Creative Industries has an arsenal of knowledge & experience from the ancient to the most sustainable modern materials & fabricating processes.

Our studio / workshop covers; CNC Routering & 3D carving. Hand sculptured signs & branding. Architectural Design & Fitout. Full spectrum signage service from large format digital printing, computer cut stickers, fabricated illuminated to sculptured.

Troy or Crag
Phone: 03 384 4830
Mobile: 021 332 380
Fax: 33823278