Egressive - Website Services (International)

We build web applications - websites that do interesting things, like organisational websites, intranets, document management systems, membership systems, e-commerce sites, community sites, and combinations of all of them. We also build more specialised web applications, often business critical ones, e.g. process management systems, sales, deployment and CRM tools, and just about anything else people need - we love the challenge!

All of our web application development is built with free and open source software tools like the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) or the Ruby on Rails framework.

Egressive also provides server support services for businesses. We build and maintain Linux-based infrastructure: file and print servers, email servers, firewalls, PABX systems (using Asterisk) and various other bespoke solutions.

We build and maintain LAMP web hosting services with Debian or Ubuntu Linux for businesses, and provide hosting services on our Christchurch-based hosting infrastructure (which, incidentally, stayed running throughout all the quakes and aftershocks).

Dave Lane
Phone: 03 981 9085
Mobile: 021 229 8147