Elite6 Business Networking (Canterbury)

Welcome to the Future of Business Networking!

Elite6 offers groups of like-minded people who gather once a week for breakfast to offer one another SUPPORT and ADVICE to help grow one another’s business.

Now is the perfect time to join a group near you to help survive through these tough times. We are here to help you!

Come along to our group for FREE to see how we work - you will leave feeling positive, re-energized and ready to concur the world. We already have amazing people in all our groups who are dedicated to supporting one another wherever possible.

You are invited to attend a group close to you and get your business name out in the public eye today!

"Let us Grow Together"

We also have licence opportunities available for those looking for a secondary income.

Bonnie Davies
Phone: 03 384 4885
Mobile: 027 7733 331
Email: support@megaservices.co.nz
Web: www.elite6.co.nz