Hitching Post - Metal Expressed as Art (Canterbury)

Innovation, location and inspiration from a country setting.

Hitching Post is an exciting centre, the owners Richard and Allison previously owned the Candle Shop in the Christchurch art centre for over 20 years, now have opted for a more relaxed rural trading store were you get unbelievable prices and great service.

We supply and make artworks for today's contemporary corporate and domestic environments. Our team looks forward to helping you 7 days a week so please call us and find out for yourself.

If you're in the area, our centre also houses the "Trout and Salmon Trophy room" this is the largest display of fresh water fish in the southern hemisphere. All caught by a single individual, this is a stunning display and if you are in to fishing a must see.

Bill Taylor
Phone: 03 323 9781
Fax: 03 323 9792
Email: hpost@xtra.co.nz
Web: www.hitchingpost.co.nz