Kiwi@Home - Education Services (International)

English tuition and student support.

Kiwi@Home is an amalgam of ESOL tuition and NCEA subject support for international students and also agent type support for everyday life. We help students achieve their academic goals and also help them fit into the new culture they find here.

We are a specialist education support service run by qualified and experienced teachers, New Zealand and Japanese. Our English tuition is delivered at our classroom in Bishopdale, Christchurch or on the internet by Skype, so students can have lessons anywhere in the world.

Our support service is especially effective for Japanese students and customers and we aim to be a bridge between Japanese and New Zealand cultures for our customers.

Being in the largely unaffected North-West part of Christchurch we can offer a safe and truly "at home" service for any student.

We specialize in private tuition and very small classes at affordable rates, so each student is treated to a very personal and tailored service that bigger companies often can't do.

Dan Fujikawa-Greig
Phone: +64 3 360 3001
Mobile: +64 27 275 2677
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