Little-Bots - Baby Washable Cloth Nappies (National)

Little Bots are unique All-In-One modern cloth nappies designed by a Kiwi Mum and Dad based in Leeston just out of Christchurch.

Well, we've got it all covered with our uniquely designed Little-Bots nappy.

They're a TWO SIZE IN ONE nappy, with one setting for 0-8 months, and a second setting for 8 months to potty trained

They are also an ALL-IN-ONE nappy. But unlike many all-in-ones that are bulky and very slow to dry - our clever design allows the absorbent core to fold out for speedy drying. There is also a POCKET which lets you add extra inserts for even more absorbency.

The absorbent core of our nappies is made up of 2 layers of microfibre and 1 layer of hemp/cotton. It folds back on itself making a super thirsty inner with 4 layers of microfibre and 2 layers of a hemp/cotton blend. It's amazingly absorbent and keeps your baby amazingly dry!

Little Bots come in six colours: Ruby Red, Marshmallow Pink, Butter Yellow, Aqua Blue, Royal Blue, and Snow White.

SPECIAL OFFER - If you or your family has been affected by the Earthquake please let us know as we're offering special package pricing for Christchurch/Canterbury residents.  :)

Phone: 03 324 3145
Mobile: 021 640 037