Lucid Commercial Design (International)

If you're looking to improve your current business premises or want and need to relocate your business, Lucid can help.

Our commercial design skills will ensure that your business presents itself to your target customers in the best possible light.

We can help with:
  • Site feasibility reports and comparisons
  • Floor plans
  • Space and services planning
  • Lighting and signage design
  • Full shop or office design including building consent and fitout.

We can work anywhere in New Zealand and internationally.

SPECIAL OFFER - For Christchurch business which have been disrupted and forced to move by the quake you will receive a 30% discount on hourly fees for basic feasibility and space planning services.

We have to get our city up and running again,  let us help.

Phil Tindall
Phone: (+64) 3 351 5851
Fax: (+64) 3 351 5852
Mobile: (+64) 27 4352 093
Skype: lucidphil