PLAYM8 - Kids Educational And Play Equipment (Canterbury)

MAKING PLAY FUN! PlayM8 is a new range of innovative educational, activity and play equipment.

The importance of encouraging physical activity through play at an early age is well documented. Young children gain greater benefit from exercise sessions that both excite and challenge them with fun, physical play activities. With that in mind PlayM8 has created a kids range full of innovative activities sure to encourage exercise and fundamental skill development in pre-school and primary school children.

These high quality colourful items encourage children to be creative & active while increasing individual and group social skills. The fundamental skills of running, jumping, visual senses, throwing and catching are all cornerstone principles of the PlayM8 range.

Not every child will be an elite athlete, but how do we engage them with physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle? Through experiencing successful and enjoyable play!

FREE DOWNLOADS: PLAYM8 resources are all you need for hundreds of innovative exercise drills and fun fitness. The cards exhibit fun drills that target basic movement skills, co-ordination, balance, reactions, hand eye co-ordination, team-work, confidence and fitness.  All cards are full colour A4 or A5

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