Truescape - 3D Visualization (International)

We offer a survey accurate 3D visualization solution for major construction and infrastructure projects that includes, but are not limited to, Energy Generation and transmission, Mining, Transport and Property. We enable parties to easily visualize and understand complex design data – as if they were on site.

Our message is often to key stakeholders as part of the public outreach and then the consenting process. The projects we tend to work on are contentious and our process is survey accurate and holds up at environment court hearings.

The modelling can have more than one use. It is used by project developers to:
  • assist in site selection
  • accelerate decision-making by improving stakeholder engagement
  • a 3D perspective of a project to internal and cross functional teams
  • the communication of complex detail to achieve environmental approval
  • the same model can be used for strategic value:
  • feasibility studies
  • the communication of complex analytical data to investors
  • the macro perspective that may include multiple projects
We have completed many projects worldwide.

Steve McIntosh
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