UniWhite - Affordable Custom Teeth Whitening Systems (National)

We're located just across the hill from the epicentre in Christchurch, but we are now fully operational again! As a small business with only two employees we look forward to your support.
We're smiling again, so can you!
  • Want to improve the look of your teeth, rebuild your confidence and present an attractive smile again?
  • Looking for a custom made tray system identical to that from a dentist?
  • Want to save hundreds of dollars by paying only NZ$173 instead of $400-$600?
Now you can with a professional custom tray teeth whitening system from UniWhite Laboratories. Identical to the tray system from a dentist, you get custom made trays that contour your teeth and keep the whitening gel evenly dispersedacross the tooth surface. Depending on the initial condition of your teeth, the final result will range from at least "what a great improvement!" to "wow... what a stunning difference!".

And that's guaranteed.

Frank Fontein
Phone: 03 3765262
Mobile: 027 351 1945
Email: info@uniwhite.co.nz
Web: www.uniwhite.co.nz