Virtual Office Limited - Bookkeeping (Canterbury)

For those who have lost all their financial records, we can construct basic accounting records, working purely from your bank statements which can be downloaded from your bank, cheque butts, bank deposit books or what ever information is available (and with your assistance to identify as many transactions as possible). See our web site for details of all available services.

SPECIAL OFFER: We believe this is a time for all Cantabrians to pull together, together we can rebuild Christchurch. As our contribution to rebuilding, we are offering 30% discount to new Cantabrian clients, this offer will apply to all new work carried out until 31 May 2011.

We are 100% operational, and have backup power supplies to protect our computers against file damage caused by Christchurch's unstable power.

Robert Martin
Phone: 03 281 8057
Mobile: 021 296 7836
Fax: 03 281 8058