Women's Financial Strategies - Investment & Insurance Advisors (National)

We are Christchurch's longest standing independent women’s financial planning practice which caters for all aspects of your financial situation.

  •    Financial Planning Advice
  •    Investment Advice
  •    Superannuation Products
  •    Managed Investment Products
  •    Developing a Portfolio
  •    Risk Management
  •    Options for over 60's
  •    UK Pension Transfers
  •    Kiwisaver for employers/employees
  •    Professional Speaking
We are dedicated to excellence in client service, taking great care and attention to ensure every client receives regular and personal service. We understand and appreciate the often complex and emotive personal decisions involved in creating a plan of action structured to suit your individual goals and lifestyles. We pride ourselves on making the consultancy process as stress free as possible.
Sheryl Sutherland
Phone: 03 3797035
Email: sheryl@strategies.co.nz