BeBops - Cloth Nappies (International)

BeBops is the home of One Size Fits All pocket cloth nappies! A super easy system of cloth, no pins, folding, soaking or boiling. Simple, absorbent inserts with a gorgeous waterproof nappy, these keep babies sensitive skin dry and will contain even the messiest messes.

The snap settings on each nappy mean they will fit from around 3.5kg up to toilet training so there is no need to purchase 30 nappies, you can get the same span from just 10! Being a OSFA cloth system means you can save literally thousands on nappy costs.

Being Christchurch based I'm happy to have people visit to show them the ins and outs, and we post to NZ and internationally too.
Natasha Page
Phone: 03 3883836
Mobile: 021 186 2981