Word of Mouth Media NZ - News Media Publicity (National)

We are a national news media company run by Kip Brook in Christchurch.

Word of Mouth provides press releases for daily news media. We specialise in writing articles for public companies, private companies, for artists, fashion, tourism, wine, events, sport, health, charity and public issues. WSe provide publicity nationally on news and the progress of recovering from Christchurch's earthquakes.

Kip writes all Word of Mouth’s articles. He has won three NZ journalist of the year awards. He was New Zealand Press Association’s UK-Europe Bureau Chief Correspondent based in London for four years until 2001. He was a Foreign Press Association executive member.

Kip Brook
Mobile: 027 503 3855
Email: kip@wordofmouthnz.com
Web: www.wordofmouthnz.com